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Sunday, January 29, 2023

The Aparadh Bichitra, a weekly magazine, founded in 1996. It started its journey with a great determination of serving the nation towards capturing corruption and crime related issues. The main focus was to support a corruption free democratic system of government. Since its inception it has been publishing printed content. From 2008, it has been publishing online content through its domain aparadhbichitra.com. Currently, it is extending its effort in publishing multimedia content.

Our website
The Aparadh Bichitra online publishes authoritative insights and opinions on national, international news, politics, business, finance, entertainment, science and technology.

The Aparadh Bichitra publishes all articles from the Aparadh Bichitra print. In addition, it also facilitates its user for providing feedback and opinions.

The online content of Aparadh Bichitra is also accessible through aparadhbichitra.net.